Associate Spotlight, Oliver Weston, E.I.T


This week I sat down with Project Engineer Oliver Weston, E.I.T. Oliver came back to work at TE after working here as an intern while completing his undergraduate degree at NC State. He has been with WRTE now for more than two years. He says the “community atmosphere” is what brought him back, and “having a seat at the table” is what makes him stay. “At TE, we are expected to give input as to how we think the company can grow and improve, because TE wants associates for life, not just for a few years.”

     I asked Oliver what the most rewarding project he’s worked on to date has been, and he said it was the Spellman Street Sewer Project. He said it was one of the first projects he handled from concept development through all construction phases.

“We developed alternatives, considered feasibility, and  recommend solutions to the client. We also developed construction documents based on the concepts I had developed. It was one of my first times doing the construction admin on a project I designed. It was rewarding to watch my project be implemented and built.”

     When I asked him if the project had any challenges he said, “the project was located in what was already an existing construction area, so we had to coordinate our construction schedule with the other contractors to make sure they could still access their site.” He added, “It was challenging, but very rewarding when the plan came together seamlessly.”

Getting to Know the Guy Behind the Degree

     Beyond learning about why someone wants to be an engineer, I like to play a game with all of our associates when getting to know them called “Rapid Fire.” I ask them a series of conventional and unconventional questions, and they have to say the first thing on their mind.

Rapid Fire:

Born: Heidelberg, Germany

From: Apex, North Carolina

Teams: NC State, Appalachian State, Atlanta United, Liverpool

Hobbies: Playing and watching soccer (He is an Atlanta United season ticket holder)

Weirdest Job You’ve Ever Had: Pizza boy flyer hander-outer

Best Place You’ve Ever Traveled To: England

What Would You Be Doing if You Weren’t an Engineer: Computer Programmer

What Has Been the Most Innovative Invention You’ve Witnessed in Your Life Time: Smart Phones