Water Resources

Stormwater Management

Improving water quality and protecting property, one project at a time.

Toole Engineers specializes in stormwater management designs from initial planning through construction inspection. Concept development based on detailed hydrologic modeling provides alternatives for constructed improvements that minimize impacts to the natural environment and streamlines regulatory permitting. From minor local flooding to watershed assessment and planning, Toole Engineers combines technology and experience to provide creative and quality solutions that are designed to minimize long-term maintenance costs and enhance sustainability.

Sanitary Sewer Systems

Like potable water, sanitary sewer systems provide a fundamental infrastructure element required for community growth and economic development.

Toole Engineers has extensive experience in sanitary sewer system renovation, replacement, and new system design. In urban settings, designers must strive to avoid infrastructure conflict while recognizing long-term maintenance requirements. These elements challenge designers to balance initial capital outlay with long-term O&M costs. Similarly, the design of lift stations to meet changing effluent loading over time requires evaluation of system components to minimize initial capital cost, incremental upgrades cost, and O&M cost. From utilizing pipe busting technology to design of multiple lift stations, Toole Engineers brings the experience and design knowledge to meet these system challenges.

Water Distribution

Adequate, clean, and dependable potable water supply allows communities to grow and flourish.

From demand-based system modeling to integrated system design, Toole Engineers can support renovation, upgrading, and new system design for communities and municipalities. Toole Engineers also provides booster pump station design to facilitate cross-system connectivity, or to improve pressure needs for system expansion. Evaluating system needs against limiting constructability factors requires careful planning, thoughtful design, and practical experience. Toole Engineers has provided these services for over 30 years with a net result of saving construction dollars and minimizing long-term maintenance costs.