TE Hosts Columbia County Work Based Learning Program Intern


Toole Engineers is proud to host Grovetown High School senior, Kendrick Domonique White this semester. Kendrick is a part of the Columbia County Work Based Learning Program where high school kids are getting the opportunity “to receive credit while working in an environment related to their career pathway.” This program allows students to get their feet wet in the field they want to pursue in college, which allows the students to be both “college and career ready.” (Georgia)

     At TE we do our best to make sure our interns feel like they are a part of our family. Throughout the years, we’ve hired multiple associates that were originally interns. We think internships are a critical part of learning and deciding on a future. We believe it is just as important for a student to learn what they don’t want to do, as much as it is to confirm what they want to do. We hope to guide our interns through every phase of what we do, so they have true grasp on the realities and expectations of this field.

Get to Know our Intern

     Kendrick is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. Having two parents in the Air Force, Kendrick’s moved around a bit, but has been here for four years. He says his favorite city so far though has been Las Angeles, California–“It’s really pretty and the people there are really nice.”

     When I asked him why he wanted to be an engineer, he told me it’s because he’s a “hands on type of person” and since he was little he’s liked to “build and test things.” He also said he enjoys his engineering classes in school, especially Auto CAD.

A Step Further

     Beyond learning about why someone wants to be an engineer, I like to play a game with all of our associates when getting to know them called “Rapid Fire.” I ask them a series of questions and they have to say the first thing on their mind.

Rapid Fire:

What 3 Traits Define You: Quiet, Shy, Funny

What is Your Personal Philosophy: Be Somebody

Which Would You Want Most–Flying Cars, Robot Housekeepers, or Moon Cities: Flying Cars

What Are Your Three Most Overused Words/Phrases: Like

How Do You Define Success: Accomplishing a Goal

Favorite Sports Team(s): Oregon Ducks

What is the Best Book You’ve Ever Read: Outsiders

If You Could Do Another Job for a Day, What Would It Be: Surgeon

If You Could Be Any Kitchen Appliance, What Would It Be: Spoon


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